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Recent FAQs

Where is The Training ?

You will find all the training you require in the main menu under the item training or tutorials. Here you will find a series of videos that explain all of the features of the software and how to set it up.


How to use this product?


Once Logged In You Will Find a Section In The Main Menu Called Training Or Tutorials. Here You Will Find a Video Series We Have Created For You That Will Explain And Show You Exactly How To Use, Set Up And Deploy The Product.


Where Is My Bonus?


If You Were Recommended This Product From a Third Party (Email/YouTube/Blog) Who Offered You Additional Bonuses It is Their Responsibility To Deliver These To You. They May Be Delivered Via Your Payment Receipt, But This Is Not Always The Case, In Any Event Your First Port Of Call Should Be The Place That Recommended The Product.


Where Are My Upgrades?


In The Main Menu There Is An Item Called Upgrades, This Is a Drop Down Menu That Expands With The Upgrades And Ones That You Have Activated Through a Purchase Will Be Available .


I Didn't Receive My Upgrade?


First Of All Please Check The Upgrades Section In The Main Menu To Ensure That Your Upgrade Is In Fact Activated. In The Unlikely Event That It Isn't Please Create a Ticket With The Email Address That You've Used Upon Purchase And We Will Activate It For You.